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Enjoy audio recordings to build your vocabulary or listen to relaxing guided meditation to calm your nerves before events​




















Relax before your events with Beachside Serenity....






Build your vocabulary before your media interviews!



Use appropriate language to outclass your competition!




"Beachside Serenity" is a relaxing guided meditation to calm you down before big events, speaking engagements or just life stuff that ruffles your feathers. After purchasing Beachside Serenity you will be able to download and listen to your audio immediately.



"30 New Words To Use In Your Interviews" is perfect if you need to build your vocabulary to express issues and concerns in public settings. These words can used in anywhere, the office, job interviews and public speaking engagements.




Do you want the verbal advantage without using profane language? Try  "30 New Words To Use When Upset & Angry". Stop cussing, fussing and yelling! It's time to change the way you express your strong feelings of resentment in heated conversations.









Sample this audio track








Sample this audio track








Sample this audio track​





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